SBA and BSA - Charges to My Credit Card

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I too have been scammed by this company - I have three different charges on my credit card - $1.00 - $1.99 - $7.95, I have no idea what these are for. Yes, I requested the Government Grant information, which I never received.

I have repeatedly called 866-370-7270 and 866-396-5694 and have gotten the run around. I am told that the person I am speaking to cannot make the credit and I need to speak to her supervisor - guess what her supervisor never comes on the line and the call drops.

I have disputed these charges with my credit card.

By the way, the 800 number that appears on your card beside the billing is no good. I will continue to dispute the charges and I guess I will have to cancel the card if they continue.


Review about: Government Grants.


Hopatcong, New Jersey, United States #5013


P.O. Box 1603, Suisun City, CA 94585

Free trial offer for Skin Cream

I got a Free trial and now they charged my credit card 69.95.

They apparently do not know what free means

I have offered to return them a never used product, and requested an RMA in order to do so. I told the that I would withdraw that complaint when they return my money!!! But they respond with a computer generated response something about bank visa and master card and now in this response included American express. Free trial does not mean a charge of $69.95!

All I want to do is return their stuff (Still Sealed) Unused. and When they replace the money in my American express It will take me less then one minute to withdraw the complaint. I have contacted them over numberous times and they refuse to replace my money or give me a method of retiring their stuff.. I have also supplied them with my phone number 702 395 3557

I think their advertisement is deceptive and is nothing more then a scam. I want my money returned and a shipping authorization information.

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